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Find good recipes in Kenya, get advice and information from food experts and dietitians. Find out how to better cook your food today.

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Food poisoning: 5 herbal remedies in your kitchen

Food poisoning occurs when you consume food or drink that is contaminated. This includes fruits and vegetables that are not washed properly, food that is not handled hygienically during preparation, food that overstays in the...

Artificially ripened mangoes: How to spot them

Greedy traders in Kenya have flooded the market with artificially ripened mangoes, bananas, apples and pawpaws. Chances are high that the fruits you have been consuming were ripened with calcium carbide also known as masala. Artificially...

Cooking asparagus: which method is the best?

Cooking asparagus can either be easy or complex, depending on what you want. Asparagus, just like most other vegetables can be eaten raw though it has more health benefits when cooked. If you are on a...

Which is the best way for storing asparagus?

You can buy asparagus sprouts fresh from the grocery store or canned from the supermarket. Consume fresh asparagus within two days to enjoy its rich flavour. If you are not cooking your fresh asparagus immediately, store...

What does asparagus taste like?

You have probably seen asparagus sprouts in the supermarket, but have no idea what they taste like. Well, this vegetable belongs to the same group as zucchini, Brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, artichokes and avocado. It has...

Interesting facts about asparagus

Interesting facts about asparagus Asparagus is a sprout belonging to the lily family. It traces its origins to Asia where it was used for medicinal purposes. When this fibrous vegetable reached the US, it became known...

How to bake a cake without an oven

How to bake a cake without an oven Three ways to bake without an oven The African woman has baked cakes for ages without an oven. Right from using firewood in the rural kitchen to charcoal...
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Easy cooking tips for busy people

Cooking in this age of supermarket restaurants and dial-a-delivery pizza shops is a bit hard. While women are credited with cooking at home, the world's greatest chefs are mostly male. Town life is also...


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